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In a world past snail mails, telegrams and lighting fast internet connections, Social Media has become one of our major means of communicating and interacting with our family, friends and strangers alike. I mean, who doesn’t use Social Media nowadays? It’s fast, it’s convenient and most of all it’s free. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, etc… take your pick.

With 1.5 billion active users, Facebook alone opens a whole dimension of possibilities for blog promotion. An article shared to Facebook could either generate new visitors and readers for your blogm, or simply satisfy that need to interact and share your thoughts and insights with others. Same goes with other social media platforms and the numerous ways you’re able to use them.

As a social creature, I mainly use Social Media as a means of communication with family and friends. It keeps me connected with them. As a blogger, I use Social Media as a means to promote my blog and articles. A way to be able to share what I write and hopefully gain readership. Other bloggers use it as a marketing platform for their businesses. And an effective on at that. This article is one worth reading if you’re really serious about using it and wanted to try different approaches to Social Media Promotion. I, for one, has still so many things to learn on ways of utilizing Social Media to fully harness its benefits for my blog. For the time being, I’m just happy that Social Media serves as a gateway for me and for my blog’s articles.


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After publishing every post, I make it a habit to share my own articles to various social media platforms. I ensured early on my blog’s setup that there would be a means for social media integration. A way for visitors and readers to share my posts to their respective communities. I believe there’s no shame on self-promotion. Nobody would be able to read your article unless somebody knows it’s there. Leaving it to chance would be wishful thinking. If you want visitors and readers for your blog, you have to strive and work hard to get them. But be sure you make that article worth reading so that your efforts won’t simply go to waste.

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I actively promote my other blog to various social media as well. It’s about my life living with chronic kidney failure and dialysis treatment. I believe it’s worth sharing and people who suffer the same predicament would benefit reading about my personal experiences with kidney disease.

Have you been active on social media communities lately? Have you recently hit that share button on your own article recently? If not, now would be the best time to hit that share button and actively promote your blog post. Share your well-crafted blog post to the world and give it a chance to shine and be recognized.

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