Blogging Life Journals – A Welcome Prequel

It’s official. I am addicted to blogging. Nah, I’m just goofing around. Truth is I’ve been roaming around the blog hosting world for quite some time now. Doing research, reading hosting reviews, and making comparisons on which is better to host a WordPress blog. This was the main reason why I delayed launching this new blog. Finding the right web or blog host was of paramount importance… at least for me anyway.

I have another blog – Worn Kidneys. It’s a blog about kidney failure and dialysis and my life as a patient. But I wanted to create another one. A personal blog of sorts where I can just write my thoughts, insights and opinions and share it with others. I know I could just create one on a free blogging platform like and Blogger and save me all the trouble of finding a suitable and reliable hosting company. But frankly that just doesn’t cut for me anymore. Let’s just put it this way – been there, done that!


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I’ve been blogging since 2009 but my love for writing goes way back to my grade school days. I love to write about my thoughts and opinions. Blogging became a means to satisfy this craving, plus so much more. I have long since learned that if you have any plans to establish your blogging career, a self-hosted blog is a must. That being said, choosing a reliable blog host should also be a must and a logical next step. Besides, nobody wants a well-crafted article ignored by a reader just because the page takes ages to load. If your blog host’s server doesn’t have a reliable uptime, your blog simply goes along with it, right?

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This train of thought led me to do more research to find a suitable reliable host for my blog(s). One that I can rely on at times that I would be needing the resources the most and wouldn’t fall short on it. I also wanted a well-structured customer / tech support since my knowledge on the technical side of things is next to nothing. After spending some time reading hosting reviews and plan detail comparisons, I finally came up to a decision on which hosting plan to choose.

I ultimately chose Siteground to host this blog. Most reviews I have read had good things to say about them and my personal experience with customer support great. Though their service and reliability still left to be proven and tested since my account with them is still new and within the “wait and see” stage. I might do a review about them down the road after I gained enough personal experience with their service.

My hosting quandary now out of the way, I could proceed further about the crux of this blog – making articles and journals of my blogging life. Let this post serve as welcome and a taste of some of what I went through in putting up this blog. I will strive to share more of my thoughts and experiences on future articles and hope we all share some great times together along the way.

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